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About Us

How does one end up in the golf antiquarian business? In the 70’s collecting ancient golf items was a bit of a novelty; my dad however wasted no time signing on to this interesting treasure hunt of collecting! Soon after, I was following in my dad's footsteps; a boy that loved golf, I was noticeably the youngest attendee at the annual trade shows held by the Golf Collectors Society, meeting guys like Joe Murdoch and Bob Kuntz… then later twelve, and a little more knowledgeable about golf artifacts, where does your dad take you for a scavenger hunt? Scotland, for one month… turning over every nook and cranny, meeting “the oldest living” in the some of the most amazing "toonz"!

Almost forty years later, we now celebrate this great game of golf by inviting fans around the world to enjoy and participate in Golf’sGreatHeritage.com the web site. Our mission is to celebrate the great stories behind golf’s fascinating history and invite interesting perspectives; from the top menu, you can visit the Golf Swing Forum or submit a Guest Article. If you shop with us, we continue to make every effort to offer an “accommodating shopping experience” by relating store items from other categories, linking perspective articles, and offering multiple product views, all directly linked from within the Product’s Description.

In our Bookstore, you will find a few fascinating “firsts” in golf publications. Consider that many desirable first editions have battled great odds to survive, particularly limited print during golf’s early era. Firsts that you can preview; the first golf instruction book in the United States, or a signed first edition of the first book about golf course design – born was Golf Course Architecture. As you may expect not many copies exist of these very rare golf books, they are available by offer only. As with every great first edition, there is a story in which the creative spirit and the passionate soul propelled the writing to existence; it becomes of published record. The deeper you explore, the more you learn; you’ll find the relationship as well as the distinctions in golf’s past. Each section of the store, including Vintage Golf Club, Vintage Golf Ball, the Art Gallery, and the Bookstore you can access related articles, store items, literature, forum discussions, and external resources from convenient links throughout our web site content.

As times and traditions go, decades come and pass, the GGH venture has given me an opportunity to reflect on my own experiences growing up as a kid completely entrenched in the game’s storied history. Now looking ahead, I think about the exponential growth still to come, and what golf will look like 500 years from now? Rather then attempt the answer, our goal is to offer you an experience - one where you can cherish the sport’s heritage; learn from both the past and present while engaging in real-time dialog about fun and fascinating perspectives. Golf stories are sometimes subtle and sometimes not-so. Consider Charles Darwin contemplating Natural Selection in the early 19th century, perhaps pondering a chipping lesson from Old Tom as he heads down the first hole at St. Andrews. Or go a bit further back to 1567, in the shoes of a helpless caddie assuredly tip-less on this day as he suggests the mashie to 24 year old Mary Queen of Scots …her pending persecution and execution for treasonous acts can’t stop her from a quick nine holes! The magnetism of golf is as boundless as eternal.

So while we can’t shape what the game will look like in 500 years (anymore then the king and church could successfully ban it in the 15th century), we can offer perspective, and join in keeping those great stories and traditions available to future generations of golfers. Golf has an amazing relationship in our lives: beset upon a God given beauty which lay at your feet, a timeless story to unfold, people on scene, like a poem between love and hate it’s personal and can fill you full as if it were air. So much diversity surrounds us in golf, so many “perspectives” from which to enjoy this great game… this is Golf’s Great Heritage.

We hope you enjoy your experience – we love feedback and welcome hearing from you. Above all, leave time to celebrate the fascinating story of golf!


Scott Weisgerber

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