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Scott’s Profile: A native Northern Californian with a deep love for pacific coast golf courses.  Favorites: Olympic Club, Spyglass, and Pebble Beach.  First golf memory: Introduced to golf at age 3 with a wooden shafted putter (while on a family vacation to Calgary),the putter didn’t make it home in one piece – broken after chasing a gopher down a hole.  Inspirational golf personality: as a kid captivated by many superstars of the 70s and 80s, ultimate inspiration was Arnold Palmer.  Current passion in golf: a slowed competitive ambition, and a love for learning, exploring and appreciating the finer points in golf. Favorite golf activity: traveling abroad and meeting new people, share a love for the game, and of course exploring both new and classic golf courses.  Hole-in-one count: 6. Handicap: a debatable 1.0 index.  College: USF

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Rights and Wrongs of Golf by Bobby Jones

Saturday, 10 November 2012
Published in Full Swing 7

As instructed in the Presentation Edition of Rights and Wrongs of Golf, by Bobby Jones, 1935.

Bobby Jones FinishYour Address Position:  Bobby notes that ease, comfort, and relaxation are above all else will determine a player’s ability to start the swing with a smooth motion, one void of breakdowns inherent from tense and muscle-strained force.  To go a bit farther Bobby states, “the player should feel himself alert, sensitive to impulses, and ready to move in either direction.”  He continues ” The other point is that the toes of both feet should

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Developing Our Youth

Monday, 20 August 2012
Published in The First Tee 2

the first tee logoA common belief rightfully exists that golf is an excellent conduit for both interpersonal skill building as well as business relation development. The First Tee Program recognizes these basic concepts, and in mission-oriented fashion seeks to breakdown barriers our youth face through an outreach program administered at the local/district level.

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Your golf swing is as unique as you are, unique physically, and nearly always restricted anatomically; particularly as we gain a few “years” under the belt. We adapt though, and teach our body how to get it done despite those aching knees, hips, back and we’ll grin-and-bear it, some may even toss down a few Advil and press on ("I've always had a bad back"), often only contributing (worsening) the toll on the body. So, end of story right? Not so fast all you right-brains,


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