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Scott’s Profile: A native Northern Californian with a deep love for pacific coast golf courses.  Favorites: Olympic Club, Spyglass, and Pebble Beach.  First golf memory: Introduced to golf at age 3 with a wooden shafted putter (while on a family vacation to Calgary),the putter didn’t make it home in one piece – broken after chasing a gopher down a hole.  Inspirational golf personality: as a kid captivated by many superstars of the 70s and 80s, ultimate inspiration was Arnold Palmer.  Current passion in golf: a slowed competitive ambition, and a love for learning, exploring and appreciating the finer points in golf. Favorite golf activity: traveling abroad and meeting new people, share a love for the game, and of course exploring both new and classic golf courses.  Hole-in-one count: 6. Handicap: a debatable 1.0 index.  College: USF

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At Golf’s Great Heritage we love reading through golf swing instruction books, with centuries of instruction, when taken as a whole (all which has been written on the subject of swinging the golf club, chipping, putting, bunker play, slice, fade…) it begs to answer; what is the tale of golf instruction, how has the swing in the modern game evolved, which swing thoughts are unchanged, what has been written in the past which is still valid in present day instruction?

Whether this is beneficial knowledge we won’t know yet, however the forum discussions have been very popular and fun to moderate, and it's your chance to share great golf insight.  If nothing else, you'll become more familiar and informed about the golf swing - you'll have a back-pocket full of your favorite tips and swing blips.  And you'll be able to pay credit to the original “swing-guru” that thought of it! Hopefully we'll discover a little more about the golf swing throughhome page intro swing forum background final forum feedback, we hope to uncover consensus favorites that can work for "most-of-us”.  Why not write them down; you can start to define your own Sensational Swing Tips (SST’s) to live-by in your game.  Hope you can join us in finding out all we can about concepts and notions, skills and drills; collectively the swing fundamentals (with a few good laughs sprinkled in as well)!


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