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In our first edition, our writer offers you insights, experiences, and a challenge; find your way to a healthier lifestyle, with the right balance of course! Comment in the end if you like the article. We're currently searching for our next Ghost Writer article, hopefully from a golf historian that has an interesting take on a golf personality (any era), also fitness pros this is your opportunity to participate and share some of that knowledge.  So send 'em in!!

Love that Gyoga!

I was feeling the disproportionate share of "unwanted diversity” in my life, best described as out-of-balance ... it clearly was wreaking havoc on my golf game!  My two rounds per week in the ladies golf section was an important outlet, however, I decided it was time to listen to that little voice which had been telling me to do something extra, so I started searching for an extra gear.  Maybe I needed something that I could add to my weekly golf routine? I had heard more then once yoga was great for golfers, so I mentioned it to my friend who goes with her husband Saturday's at the Y - I was immediately talked in to joining them the following week.


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