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In our first edition, our writer offers you insights, experiences, and a challenge; find your way to a healthier lifestyle, with the right balance of course! Comment in the end if you like the article. We're currently searching for our next Ghost Writer article, hopefully from a golf historian that has an interesting take on a golf personality (any era), also fitness pros this is your opportunity to participate and share some of that knowledge.  So send 'em in!!

Love that Gyoga!

I was feeling the disproportionate share of "unwanted diversity” in my life, best described as out-of-balance ... it clearly was wreaking havoc on my golf game!  My two rounds per week in the ladies golf section was an important outlet, however, I decided it was time to listen to that little voice which had been telling me to do something extra, so I started searching for an extra gear.  Maybe I needed something that I could add to my weekly golf routine? I had heard more then once yoga was great for golfers, so I mentioned it to my friend who goes with her husband Saturday's at the Y - I was immediately talked in to joining them the following week.

I'm an ok athlete, always held memberships at the local gymyogas (leaning on a Stairmaster or cardio machine when my schedule could endure it) ...but I knew there was a willingness inside me to do more and to try something new that would make exercise more fun, more rewarding!

Looking back two years removed from that first yoga class commitment, I have the benefit of the knowing that my handicap has dropped 10 digits during that time (today I'm at a personal best 13.8).  It's a pretty sure thing that I'm sticking with my yoga practice, but I would be remiss not mentioning a side-note; when I added yoga to my weekly routine I also started handling household stresses with a "zen-like" satisfaction!  I think by gaining those meditative minutes during my day, it brought me a sense of recharge, more stamina, more focus - it is a discipline isn't it?  Well it was exactly what my life needed.

I won't deceive you though - it wasn't easy in the beginning.  Half-way through the first class, I felt like Balboa on his way down - just 10 seconds on the canvas so I can catch my breath!  Ultimately I found the hurdle was the first three weeks, and creating a set routine: same time of the day, consistent frequency, which was twice per week in the morning.  My attitude: full commitment - and sticking with it!  Low and behold I was seeing my golf game improve, not to mention some appreciated tone developing (icing on the cake).  If you are one of those people that can’t turn the corner with your fitness or with your golf game, maybe try something that will help you with both.  Maybe you just are looking for a place that gives you that escape from the mad daily grind, give it a try. Yoga is no joke, I'm betting it can work for you too!

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  • Adminstrator

    Great question Sophia. I'm a regular at a local Bikram studio. I've talked to clients there that say the draw of Bikram is a "love of heat" (it can be too intense for some though, 105+ degrees and 50% humidity). I would say if you like super hot to help "soften" up those stiff joints Bikram is great. If you have a lower heat tolerance, Hatha yoga can work well (80-85%). I have several friends that don't enjoy the heat and practice Hatha and describe the same type of benefits I've seen in Bikram.
    Heat is not at all mandatory though, I suggest try a few different ones, usually studios offer people very low rates if it's your first time to that studio. Signups for a one month trial might only cost you $30. Also search Groupon for deals.
    Check back and tell us how it goes and which yoga you find works best for you!

    Adminstrator Monday, 17 December 2012 21:36 Comment Link
  • Sophia Arroyo

    Can someone recommend a type of yoga that works best? I see that there are different kinds but not sure what other people think translates to better flexibility?

    Sophia Arroyo Monday, 17 December 2012 21:23 Comment Link
  • Sandra Parker

    You are a very motivating person June, thank you for sharing this story. Got to run, going to start a new yoga routine!

    Sandra Parker Tuesday, 25 September 2012 19:05 Comment Link
  • Terri Roma

    I'm with you - Yoga is awesome!

    Terri Roma Tuesday, 25 September 2012 18:46 Comment Link

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