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Bernard Darwin ShotToday we have many choices of clubs for our fairway shots. But in Darwin’s day, in this case 1912, they really depended on the spoon (3 wood), the cleek (long iron), and the mashie (short iron). This included trouble shots, like difficult downhill lies.

The down-slope, the hated the hanging lie. The exact degree of unpleasantness will be dependent not only on this steepness of the hanging lie

Nowadays it is popular to talk about genes and heredity. So try this on for size. Charles Darwin was the genius that advanced the idea of “the origin of the species” fromold bunker at prestwick which much of our study of evolution has evolved. Then along came Bernard Darwin, the grandchild of Charles Darwin, and as good as the old man was in his field Bernard was Grandfather’s equal in his own field—writing. Especially when it came to golf.You will get a sensitive, even enchanting description of the great holes, the not so great, and the downright poor. But never maliciously described, rather cleverly balancing one with the other. He actually made you feel like you are experiencing the course as if it was revealed to you for the first time


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