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Vintage Golf Balls

What are the odds of finding a golf ball that is centuries old?  Well, to be sure it’s a rare find indeed!  Put simply, golf ball construction inherently precludes a short life, and this becomes even more evident the further back you go in the game’s history.  Whether the terminal fate was delivered by the missed strike of the heavy gauge iron as used in ancient golf club design, the frailty of a feathery constructed from a leather pouch stuffed with goose feathers, or the unfortunate wayward hit that sent the ball across the dunes and gorse on an early links course… well, you do the math!  However, these rare artifacts do exist and this is your opportunity to own a highly collectable item - you can provide its final resting place; prominently displayed in your collection.

Vintage Golf Balls is divided into two categories; highly collectable and those less rare but still of significance.

COMING SOON: This section will launch in early 2013.

SPECIAL GOLF BALL: we will be offering an opportunity to purchase a rare treasure! We anticipate this unprecedented feathery golf ball might be the oldest known example of a feathery in existence today!  Details to follow!


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