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Vintage Golf Clubs

Researching “ancient” equipment for an article is something collectors love to do… it becomes a process of correlating golf's past.  Better stated, it's perspective! Let this be your theme, as you tour through the Vintage Golf Clubs section.  It’s fantastic if you can take time and put it all together; the club, the ball, the literature, the concept, the terrain… considering the game's evolution into a modern game.  With over 500 years of tinkers, thinkers, testers and talents we've seen our "golf tools" change a great deal.

More perspective; the growth of golf is like no other sport.  From a game once banned by both king and church, now it's popularity is global and still growing rapidly.  Equipment often tells the tale best by demonstrating the many variations, adaptations and advancements that have either failed or survived.

Below are several categories to organize your search.  We suggest to newcomers to start with the “Unusual by Design” category, very interesting and a bit funny to be honest how golf clubs were once constructed; an individuals theory would find a workbench somewhere and the trial-by-error process would begin.


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