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Brown's Water Rake

Smlwaterrake Face
smlwaterrake - the major browns
Sales price: $6,150.00


The rake Iron or water iron was designed to play shots out of sand, high grass and even water.  Models feature ornate scrollwork around the vertically slotted, open face, is known as "the Major” and was invented by James Brown a blacksmith based in Montrose, Scotland. He took out his British patent in September 1903. The company of James Winton also of Montrose, manufactured most of the irons for him. These irons had limited popularity and were only in production for about 3 years. But they are rather elegant looking clubs and command a high price at auction realising over £2000 each.  Among the most interesting to collect and of course hold quite a value.

Patented Clubs: The Rake Iron, Cran Cleek and The Urquhart Adjustable Iron are amongst a group of clubs known as Patent irons. That means that they are different from the normal run of the mill iron by design or functwaterrake image ebay soldiosample waterraken and that the maker or inventor applied for a patent to protect the design. Often if the patent was unpopular with golfers and suffered poor sales or even in some cases later proved to be an illegal aid to golf, production was stopped. So it is possible that not too many were made, making them rare and highly desirable to the collector and of course valuable.  (Source: www.golfer-today.co.uk)

At a July 2012 eBay sale, this 7 thistle example is a similiar rake, although the club head on the GGH example is in excellent condition.


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