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Otto Hackbarth Fork Putter

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Some facts from the SPGA history books:

1938 - The first overtime duel
Augusta National Golf Club — Augusta, Ga.

The second and final visit of the PGA Seniors’ Championship to Augusta National produced the Championship’s first playoff. Fred McLeod of Chevy Chase, Md., 30 years after his U.S. Open triumph and 20 years after his loss in the finals of the second PGA Championship, defeated Otto Hackbarth of Cincinnati, Ohio in an 18-hhackbarth sketchole playoff. The Championship began a 13-year run with a 36-hole format in 1938. But the December weather was too inclement in Augusta, and a second round was rained out. The two players tied after 36 holes at 10-over-par 154. In the playoff, McLeod held on to down Hackbarth, posting an 80 to his opponent’s 82.

1940 - Otto goes the distance
North Shore Country Club — Bobby Jones Golf Club, Sarasota, Fla.

In an attempt to avoid the weather problems of the past Championship, the third PGA Seniors’ Championship was moved to the North Shore Country Club and Bobby Jones Golf Club in Sarasota, Fla., in January of 1940. This meant no Championship in 1939. For the second consecutive time, a playoff decided the champion. Otto Hackbarth, a runner-up in 1938, posted a 1-under-par 70 to match Jock Hutchison, the inaugural PGA Seniors’ Champion, at 4-over-par 146. The two players tied at 74 after 18 holes and a second 18 holes was needed before Hackbarth prevailed by a stroke. Since the Championship wasn’t contested at 72 holes until 1958, Hackbarth and Hutchison were ahead of their time.

1. Comparable Auction Result, $996 (has the same patent number)

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