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MacGregor Chieftain Driver

Smlmacgregor Chieftain Driver   Back
smlmacgregor chieftain driver - back
smlmacgregor chieftain driver - solel
smlmacgregor chieftain driver - full7
smlmacgregor chieftain driver - top and face2
Sales price: $695.00



Desirable and restored Classic Pretty-Faced Chieftain woods are a perfect showcase on a gentlemen's sporting wall. Macgregor Chieftain from the '20s, this Spoon and Driver should remain a set, although they are priced separately.  Both are beautifully restored and ready to impress in your display. Known for their rare IVORY backweight along with a dot pattern inlay, they represent an area of new craftsmanship in club making.  Except for slightly worn sole plates, the clubs are in terrific condition and really are as nice as I've scene in all the years of collecting.  As a child, they JUMPED off the wall and made a huge impression on me, now my daughter seems to not want to take her eyes off them either. Dad even offered to let me hit a ball with them when a teen, I of course couldn't dream of taking him up on it as they just are way too nice for play (although they are solid and could likely withstand). The original black steel shafts are clean and the grips are original as well, whipping restored. The head itself is Gorgeous with a Perfect Head Stamp with ivory top insert as well.  (Ivory does age with spider veins)  These represent top-of-the-line in the Fancy Face Category!

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macgregor chieftain - heal


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