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09 Nov

It's no secret that there's more to golf than the golf swing. Even if you have a beautiful swing, that's no guarantee that it won't desert you at the crucial time you need it the most.

That's what happens to all those professionals at the Masters when they arrive at the shortaugusta 12th hole 12th hole in the heart of Amen Corner. There, in front of all those spectators, the mind starts to race...and race.

It's a dinky shot by ordinary standards, but the fear in their minds makes it into a demon. The creek looms large because they know the bank is so closely mowed that the ball can easily roll back in the water of Rae's Creek.


The Golfer’s Mind is book by the guru of the mental approach to the game—Dr. Bob Rotella, with Bob Cullen. The Golfers MindIt is published by Free Press, 2004, Simon and Schuster, visit www.simonsays.com.  It is a small book, comprised of 29 thoughts about thinking, if you can follow me on that one.

Seriously, most every one of us will admit to having intellectual hang ups, or failings of some kind that originate between the ears, and Rotella is trying to enumerate these faults and explain what can be done about them. In a sense he’s trying to make believers out of non-believers.


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